Our sites are designed with responsive templates to automatically jive with the now standard wide-screen monitors, tablets, and mobile phones.  Having a responsive website is important because recent studies prove mobile phones to be the number one vehicle that drive the most web-traffic. Our sites are built with automatic search engine optimization ("SEO") so your site will be easily found and seen. Your site administration will include 'traffic logs' which enable you to keep track of all web-activity produced on your site (ex. most popular pages) as well as how your audience was directed to your site to begin with (search inquiry, direct, or site referrals). Brady Avenue's basic approach to web design is to achieve a simple and clean look while maintaining optimal user-friendly sites (less clutter, less clicks is our preferred style). Clients become as involved or removed from the project as they choose to be. 

Most of the website preview thumbnails below are clickable links to the actual websites. SOME ARE THUMBNAILS OF SITES THAT HAVE EXPIRED. Please email to gain access to password protected sites.